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The Arab Network@Singapore (AN@S) is a non-profit organisation, whose mission is to help maintain and enhance the quality of life.  AN@S works with various communities, and help provide distinct services, stewarding key human and capital resources, sharing responsibility and expanding social impact. AN@S’ commitment, marshalled around its motto “We Are All Connected’, helps uplift community well-being, strengthen bonds, foster responsible citizenship, and help preserve the diverse identity as well as the unique cultural heritage of various communities.

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We are a group of concerned individuals brought together by the desire to actively contribute locally & Internationally. Get to know our committee members here!


AN@S supports a wide variety of initiatives related to our causes. Find out what we have lined up by clicking here!

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If you feel connected with what we stand for and believe in our vision and values, we warmly welcome your participation & contributions!

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Are you passionate about empowering the community and continuing the socially impactful legacies of our forefathers? Are you interested to learn more about local Arab culture & heritage? Or would you like to help uplift those who are less fortunate? Then do join our network & invite like-minded people you know to do the same.

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Our Partners

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