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AN@S adopts the symbolism of the date palm tree not just because it grows abundantly in Arab countries, but also because of the many encompassing benefits the date palm tree brings across many cultures and religions.

The Quran mentions dates 23 times. It has a special place in Islamic history and cultures. In Arabic, the word for date palm is “nahle” and its fruit is called “tamr.” However, in Turkish the word for date is “hurma,” because it means “respect” in Arabic.

In the Old Testament’s Book of Psalms, a person with good deeds resembles a date palm. Holding a date palm branch at holy festivals is a command in Judaism. Those who welcomed Jesus Christ in Jerusalem were also holding date palm branches in their hands. Christian pilgrims who bring dates from Jerusalem are frequently called “palmers” in Europe.

Both dates and date palms are considered a symbol of power, triumph, abundance and faith. A date palm is a classic symbol of fertility, an emblem of victory, a symbol of longevity, while the palm branch is a symbol of peace It is a symbol of wealth and abundance.


(Source: Dates – The sacred fruit during Ramadan by Ekrem Ekinci, Daily Sabah, July 10, 2016)