Our Causes


AN@S is fully aware of the importance of education in helping determine a person’s future and influencing his/her success.  AN@S have made veritable and concerted efforts from its first year of establishment to provide platforms, programmes, academic and professional expertise, advisory services, network of mentors, and related mechanisms to support the educational pursuits of individuals who are determined to improve their lives, but may not have the advice, infrastructural support, and complementary resources with which to pursue their dreams.


As the saying goes: “It takes a village to raise a child”, AN@S works on engaging various elements and constituents within each community, weaving and integrating them into our programmes. This is done so as to grow a caring personality, to inculcate key values and develop positive behaviours, much like the communal “gotong-royong” spirit predominant in the days of our forefathers.


Children are our most valuable, yet fragile assets. They will inherit our future. AN@S supports all efforts to help ensure that children, wherever they may be, are safe, healthy, happy and well cared for. AN@S has championed many local and overseas humanitarian initiatives, devoting what is to the best interest of the child, its right to life, survival and development, and showering him/her with respect and love. All this is part of AN@S commitment to protecting human dignity and to providing a harmonious development.


The Arab Hadhrami culture is extremely rich and is firmly rooted in the key values of human dignity and the communal good. Its versatility lies its ability to indigenize itself within communities across Southeast Asia, Indian Subcontinent, East Africa, as it does across the Arabian Peninsula. AN@S treasures and helps to showcase the endearing aspects of the Hadrami arts and culture into its programmes.

If you or your organisation feel as strongly and passionately about the causes we have listed above as much as we do, we welcome your support and any opportunity you would like to provide for collaboration, across existing and upcoming projects.

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