To enhance the quality of life of the Arab community in Singapore including those with Arab lineage and heritage, and enrich its legacy and contributions to Singapore and the larger international community.



With a sense of duty and through shared responsibility, strong team work, a resilient support network and stewardship of resources, AN@S is committed to achieve the following goals that revolve around the six C’s of Comfort, Charity, Culture, Creativity, Cohesiveness, Co-existence.


To improve and enhance the quality of life and well-being of the community  and aspire towards sustainable development and growth and  social and economic advancement for the community.


To show care and provide meaningful support to those in need and at risk in the community, the larger Singapore society and international community.


To promote awareness of our roots and pride for the Arab heritage, culture and traditions that are uniquely Singaporean and positively connected with national ideals and international norms.


To advance the concept of excellence and achievement in education, and empower creativity and talent in the community.


To foster strong bonds, healthy relationships, camaraderie and peace within the community and achieve unity and cohesion and sincerity and consistency in promoting and serving well-meaning interests of the local and international community.


To engage and cooperate responsibly and respectfully with members of the community and other communities, partners, stakeholders, governments and institutions and work towards a healthy co-existence and integration within Singapore and internationally.

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