AN@S Hadramawt Covid Appeal

Yemen is facing “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis” (UN). The Governorate of Hadramawt is an epicentre for Covid-19 cases in Yemen. On June 15th, of the 116 new cases and deaths recorded in all of Yemen, 73 cases and deaths were from Hadramawt alone. Since then, the numbers have risen, in some cases exponentially.

The Arab Network @ Singapore (AN@S) is appealing to you for critical support. The first cut-off date for donations is 5th July for our immediate first shipment. Collections for donations is on-going for subsequent shipments. We are targeting the following 3 big cities in Hadramawt that have high population densities and aim to expand to  the surrounding areas where our trusted local partners have dedicated medical infrastructural support and satellite & distribution outreach.

For more information on how to contribute, please

Email: [email protected] or

Call: +65 9664 8924

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