Arabian-Wedding Themed Appreciation Dinner @NUS

On 23rd February this year, AN@S collaborated with the National University of Singapore’s Office of Student Affairs to entertain and expose students from the i.Care programme to a fun-filled Arabian-Wedding themed appreciation dinner where they were treated to a showcase of Yemeni music, dance, culture and food! Special thanks to Espousal Fusion Entertainment for putting up another amazing performance! It has been AN@S’ privilege and pleasure to support and co-organise this inter-cultural understanding event where we had the opportunity to promote our own ancestral heritage and customs to the local and international students at the university.

Besides being entertained by the live Khaleeji music performance, the students got a first-hand dance training on doing the traditional Yemeni samrah dance. Additionally, we also treated them to sumptuous feast of local Arab desserts. See all the fun they had in our photo album below:

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