Ramadhan Appeal 2022

Despite all efforts to halt displacement, hunger, and disease, the situation in Yemen remains catastrophic and continues to be the worst human-made humanitarian crisis in the world. After more than seven years of devastating and unrelenting conflict, some 20 million Yemenis depend urgently on humanitarian assistance to survive, including 4 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 80% live below the poverty line.There are more than 3,000 Yemeni refugees in Malaysia and COVID-19 pandemic has deprived them from earning basic income for their food, housing, education and day-to-day needs. This Ramadhan they need our help more than ever to sustain their basic needs.

Please join AN@S to support the Yemenis, as well as our own local underprivileged families and individuals, to ensure they have a peaceful and blessed Ramadhan.

AN@S Ramadhan Projects:

1) Humanitarian Aid to Yemen via مفوضيةاللاجئين اليمن UNHCR YEMEN

2) Aid to Yemeni Refugees in KL, Malaysia:

a – Ramadhan Food Basket & Cash

b – Education Fund for Yemeni refugee students

3) Local Aid: For underprivileged Singaporeans

For more info, please email: [email protected] or call 9664 8924 / 9387 7774

Closing Date for Ramadhan Disbursement: Sunday, 24th April 2022

For more info about the latest situation in Yemen, please click the image below to watch a video call between UNHCR and their Ambassador, Angelina Jolie, who recently visited Yemen: