Wakaf Walking Trail

The establishment of wakaf is an act of worship. Establishing a wakaf is a permanent devotion of a property to Allah. Such properties are built on land endowed or willed by a Muslim towards religious or charitable uses. To revoke those devoted properties is an impermissible act. Wakaf properties include but are not limited to mosques, religious schools, charitable organisations, and financial assistance to intended beneficiaries.

In Singapore, leaders from affluent Muslim families began establishing wakafs in the 1830s. On 12th March 2022, Arab Network @ Singapore (AN@S) and AN@S Youth Collective (AYC) went on a walk to look at the wakaf properties in Singapore. The Wakaf Trail we went stretched from Kampung Siglap to Masjid Khalid.

Despite the scorching heat, we walked with great enthusiasm. We had stopped at every wakaf property to learn more about the properties. We were immensely awed by the leaders’ actions and how it has helped society. We also expressed our desire to contribute. The following week, AN@S held a Wakaf Talk where a few AYC members attended to learn about Wakaf in greater detail.

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