Are We Ready For Death

Ready for Death Event Review

Talk on, well….DEATH – it’s the only certainty in life but “Are We Ready”?

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Sister Sharifah Khadijah Alkaff for the talk; reminding oneself of death reminds us not to take for granted the blessings in this life, and it strengthens our realization of the afterlife and our commitment to Islam.

Remembrance of death is when a believer imagines that he will meet his Lord at any moment, and his actions will be cut off, as will his ability for repentance. So, he will be aware of himself, careful to obey Allah (swt), wary of his Lord, every second of his life.

“Say: ‘My life, my death and acts of worship are all for the Lord of mankind (Rabil alamin)” [Al-An’am: 162] 

Wal hamdulilahi Rabbil Alameen.

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