AN@S COVID19 Humanitarian Relief

AN@S is humbled to announce that the 2nd disbursement of our Covid19 Medical Relief supplies to Hadramawt has been successfully completed. Alhamdulillah a total of $65,000 was raised by An@s in total, from our generous donors and supporters.

Working closely with our partners in Yemen – جمعية التكافل الإنساني Society for Humanitarian Solidarity – SHS and WAARIF Foundation , the medical supplies were distributed by mid February 2022 to hospitals in Tarim, Mukalla and Seiyun. SHS has worked with UN organisations in delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen and took on the role of procurement and distribution of supplies. WAARIF Foundation, established in Tarim, was instrumental in auditing the entire process on behalf of AN@S ensuring full compliance of all parties and upholding our trust to our donors.

Our first Covid19 Humanitarian Relief efforts for Hadramawt in 2020 was managed fully by AN@S. Our team of volunteers including doctors from the Singapore Arab community, assisted in the procurement of medical supplies from Singapore. These were shipped, transported and distributed to 3 hospitals in Hadramawt.

AN@S hopes to continue with our humanitarian and charity projects that benefit communities in Yemen and other parts of the world.

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